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Tuition & Financial Aid

School Year 2024-2025


FASSV's Tuition Includes:


Payment Option Plans

The school’s tuition and fees are to be paid annually, and as follows, after payment of the Tuition Deposit. There are three payment plan options:


  • One payment in June.


TWO PAYMENTS (Deadline April 1st, 2024)
  • 1st payment due in June
  • 2nd payment due in January

(Additional Service fee of $490)


TEN PAYMENTS (Deadline August 31st, 2024)
  • 1st payment due in June
  • 9 equal payments due the 6th of each month from September to May

(Additional Service fee of $795)


Financial Aid

French families may apply for a French Government Scholarship at the French Consulate of San Francisco.   

Families who apply for a school scholarship and are admissible for a Government scholarship must prepare an application for the consulate. 

We encourage you to visit the  to estimate your potential level of scholarship. 



February for families currently living in the US renewing their application and families for whom it is the first request.  

September for families arriving in the US after February, families requesting a review of their file and in some cases for families whom could not apply in February.   

If you are not sure you can apply for the second commission or missed the deadline contact the consulate directly: myriam.loury@diplomatie.gouv.fr 



The results will be communicated by the French Consulate at the end of June for requests made in February, and in December for requests made in September. Rejections may be appealed.  

Please note:  You will need to enroll your child(ren) prior to obtaining the results of your French Government Scholarship application in order to secure a space in their respective grade level. 

Scholarship applications must be renewed every year. 

For more information on French Government financial aid applications, please visit the website of the . 

Every year, FASSV allocates a certain amount of its budget to school financial. You are encouraged to apply if you believe that your resources are inadequate to meet tuition costs. 

Financial aid is granted to children without regard to race, color, religious affiliation, national origin or ethnicity. Financial Aid decisions are made independently from admissions decisions.



December 31 for all currently enrolled students. 



FASSV uses SSS by NAIS (School and Student Service for Financial Aid) to determine a family’s need.  All requests for aid are strictly confidential. 

SSS will process your application when complete; and can if necessary ask you for more information. It is important to check all your emails from both SSS and our services. Incomplete files may be subject to delays or rejection. 

For more information, please visit the .