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French for Alumni

French Program for Alumni enrolled in American Schools (7th to 8th Grade)

The after-school French program has been specifically designed to offer FASSV alumni enrolled in an American middle school the opportunity to enrich and further their knowledge of the French language and culture, beyond the strong background they have acquired throughout their years of instruction at FASSV.

The program is based on a weekly class, and is held at the FASSV campus. Scheduled to commence in September, the class meets once a week from 4:00p.m to 6:00p.m, and follows the FASSV academic calendar. We have a small number of students, thereby making it possible to offer a student-centered curriculum tailored to the specific needs and skills of each participant.

We are also very aware that the students have a full load of classes in their regular American school, therefore the amount of reading and homework is also adjusted to the needs and the goals of each student or family. Constant communication between the French teacher and the parents will is critical ingredient to this program’s success.

The curriculum focuses on enriching and furthering the students’ skills previously acquired at FASSV, while preparing them to be highly successful in high school level exams such as the French SAT and/or the Advanced Placement examinations in French language or literature.

In this Pre-AP program, students are exposed to a wide variety of different texts and means of expression: narration, descriptive, argumentative texts, poetry, plays, novels and short stories. We focus on developing the students’ critical thinking, and oral and written expression. Language development, correct grammar and vocabulary building, key elements in powerful oral and written communication, are carefully monitored, as are the students in their acquisition of new words and correct use of expression in their own writing and speaking.